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Oakland Raiders looking at Madison Square Garden exec for front office

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The Oakland Raiders are looking for upgrades throughout the franchise, not just on coaching staff.


The Oakland Raiders announced two coaching staff hires this week, filling their two biggest coaching vacancies in the process. However, the coaching staff is not the only place where the franchise is looking to upgrade its personnel.

It has already been reported that the Raiders were interested in NFL exec, Ray Anderson about a potential position in the front offices of the Oakland Raiders. Now, there are reports that the Raiders will be interviewing former president of Madison Square Gardens, Scott O'Neil.

With Anderson, it was not exactly clear what position the potential hire would fill. With O'Neil, however, the position appears to be team president.

After a terrible season in 2012, first year general manager Reggie McKenzie was not at risk of losing his job. Mark Davis understood the salary cap and draft position the team was under and did not expect miracles from the first time general manager. That, however, does not mean that Davis was happy, or even ok with how the 2012 season went.

While these front office personnel rumors are not likely a sign about the tenure of McKenzie with the Silver and Black, they may be and admittance by Davis that both he and McKenzie attempted to take on too much responsibility in their first year running the team and that it is time to get some more help at the Raiders headquarters in Alameda.