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Marcel Reece heading to Pro Bowl after all

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The Oakland Raiders were without any representation in the Pro Bowl this year but that just changed. Marcel Reece's ticket to Hawaii has officially been punched.


The Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots in this year's AFC Championship game and are now heading to New Orleans. Their FB Vonta Leach was the AFC representative in the Pro Bowl but now he won't make it since he will have to get ready for the Super Bowl instead. I'm sure he is devastated.

Marcel Reece will take Leach's place in the All-Star game and in reality he had deserved to go to Hawaii for the game anyway. Leach is a great blocking fullback but Marcel Reese was an offensive playmaker. Reece finished the year with 59 carries for 271 yards and 73 receptions for 496 yards with 1 TD.

I was very surprised that a fullback with 73 receptions wasn't already named a starter to begin with but Vonta Leach is a well known and highly respected FB in the NFL. Thanks to Vonta's trip to the Super Bowl Marcel's snub will be rectified anyway. Congrats to Reece for his well deserved trip to the Pro Bowl.