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JaMarcus Russell attempting a comeback?

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Yes, you heard that right and no, it isn't a joke. JaMarcus Russell is attempting a comeback according to Ian Rapoport.

Ezra Shaw

This year's Senior Bowl is in Mobile Alabama which is JaMarcus Russell's neighborhood. And while much of the NFL is in town covering the week of practices and the game, a little birdie (publicist) told Ian Rapoport that the former number one overall pick and NFL washout is putting down the 'Purple Drank' and picking up a football again.

He is reported to be at 305 pounds which is about what he was when he was sent packing by the Raiders back in 2010 after three seasons of slurring and sloth-ing his way to being a colossal NFL bust. Widely considered the biggest bust of all time.

When he was finally cut, he said something to the effect that he was going to ‘take a break'. For those unfamiliar with NFL busts, even they never say things like that. Most players who bust out at least act like they tried their best and will continue to prove their doubters wrong. Russell just wanted to be left alone with his ‘sizzurp' and over $30 million of the Raiders' money.

Perhaps he could change positions? He is bigger than many NFL linemen. But no, he is looking to drop down to 265 pounds. That means Diet Sprite and sugar free Jolly Ranchers with his codeine.

The only reason I can think for him attempting a comeback is his money is running out/has run out. I honestly cannot think of another reason this man would get off the couch outside of a trip to Chick-Fil-A.

I also can't think of an NFL team who would come close to taking a risk on him. He has more red flags than the Beijing Olympics.

But hey, if this former Sugar Bowl winning LSU quarterback wants to give it a shot; go get ‘em tiger.