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An apology to Barret Robbins

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With Tim Brown's comments regarding Bill Callahan and the terrible Super Bowl I feel this is the perfect time for me to apologize to Barret Robbins. When I first joined this site I wrote a controversial fan post about Barret which was entirely unfair and ignorant in its lack of empathy.

When I first joined Silver & Black Pride I was quite ignorant to the effects of bipolar disorder and I was in turn very critical of Barret Robbins for the choices he made throughout his life.

I wrote a scathing fanpost roasting Barret for his problems, and even when confronted by fellow community members I still refused to show any empathy for Robbins. If you read that linked post you can see why I am embarrassed about it and why I feel the need to apologize as a man. Even if you never read it and never read this I am sorry Barret Robbins.

A dear friend of mine who I always believed would overcome his bipolar issues lost his fight to drug addiction and my eyes were opened to the lack of control which can come with bipolar disorder. It can snowball out of control and even while putting in real effort sometimes it really is just unconquerable.

I still am angry that the Raiders Pro Bowl Center that year disappeared before the Super Bowl. I am angry because it was a major blow to the team losing him for that game in which they were demolished. But there comes an understanding now that I hadn't had before. I understand when something happens to set off a Bi-Polar person that the reaction is completely unpredictable. Logic and reason go out the window along with the self control.

With what Tim Brown and other players from that roster are saying of Bill Callahan completely changing the game plan it makes much more sense to me why Robbins disappeared and lost control that week.

To know one of your players has this disorder and then to disregard his complaints of changing everything so late in the week is something with which I am now far more angry.

>Bill Callahan is the one that disregarded the effect that his terrible coaching decision would have on his starting center and he is the one who deserves the wrath I had previously directed toward Barret. I was ignorant when I wrote what I did and nobody deserves to be kicked the way I kicked Robbins while he was down. For that, I sincerely apologize.