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Three Raiders earn top marks in Pro Football Focus Free Agent grades

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The trusted site for going beyond the numbers to grade players has put together their grades of all the unrestricted free agents in the NFL and the Raiders have some good ones as it turns out.

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Ezra Shaw

Last off-season, the Raiders signed several players to one year deals. Those players plus those whose contacts were expiring make for a pretty big free agent class. Several of those players have high grades by PFF standards.

Here is the list in order of their PFF grades:

P Shane Lechler 18.6

DI Desmond Bryant 16.5

LB Philip Wheeler 9.9

DI Richard Seymour 9.5

RB Mike Goodson 6.9

CB Phillip Adams 4.8

CB Joselio Hanson 4.2

WR Derek Hagan 1.2

ED Andre Carter -0.1

G Cooper Carlisle -0.3

CB Shawntae Spencer -0.5

LB Omar Gaither -1.9

QB Matt Leinart -1.9

S Mike Mitchell -2.9

S Matt Giordano -4.2

OT Khalif Barnes -8.3

ED Matt Shaughnessy -11.6

TE Brandon Myers -14.6

The top three on this list - Lechler, Wheeler, and Bryant - are the top rated at each of their positions.

A lot of you may be wondering why Brandon Myers has such a low rating despite putting up such good receiving numbers this season. While not knowing their formula for such a grade, I can only assume it factors in blocking, drops and a host of other stats apart from actual catches and receiving yards.