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Pro Bowl 2013 game thread

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The hula skirts, lays, and tiki torches are out in force today as the NFL is set to play its annual Pro Bowl. Keep it here to mock discuss football's All Star flag football game.


The best players in the NFL are taking the field in Honoulu today. Ok, well at least the best of those not on Super Bowl teams or faking an injury to get out of it.

>>Click here to see the Pro Bowl rosters and game info<<

One such replacement was the Raiders lone Pro Bowler, Marcel Reece. When the Pro Bowl teams were announced, he was named a first alternate along with Sebastian Janikowski. The man he was behind was Ravens' fullback, Vonta Leach. And since Leach is headed to New Orleans with his Super Bowl bound Ravens, Reece headed to Hawaii.

This is the second straight year Reece has replaced Leach in the Pro Bowl. Last season it was due to injury. But unlike last season, he won't be accompanied by Janikowski or any other Raider player. Many have argued Reece has deserved to be named the Pro Bowl starter due to his versatility but regardless, he made it.

The week leading up the big event was full of festivities which included countless hair-brain ideas on how to improve the game as well as speculation on if they will or should just cancel it altogether and just name the Pro Bowlers along with an accompanying award show presentation or something.

Being named a Pro Bowler is a great honor. For some it is a way of saying "Hey, you're a loser but you looked great doing it" (See: 2-14 Chiefs send six players to Pro Bowl). For others it is a just-missed-it consolation prize (See: Peyton Manning heads to Pro Bowl after an early postseason exit).

Much of the game will be a bad joke. But there are always players who only know one speed. Those guys are worth a watch. And with just one more NFL game after this one before the long off-season, you may as well watch it. Even if your conversation in this thread will offer far more excitement.