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A team considering JaMarcus? Surely you J-E-S-T Jest, Jest, Jest

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Raiders former number one overall pick and NFL bust, JaMarcus Russell is attempting a comeback. And there is at least one team who is discussing the possibility of signing him - the New York Jets.

Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell
Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell
Patrick A Patterson

The Jets are in a bind at the quarterback position. Their starting QB, Mark Sanchez, was benched late last season and their backup, Tim Tebow is so bad, the team opted for third string quarterback, Greg McElroy instead.

The Jets are in serious desperation mode. But no one thought things would get quite THIS desperate. According to the Newark Star Ledger, "members of the organization had some very exploratory, informal discussions" regarding JaMarcus Russell.

The Jets have since said their discussions did not develop into any actual interest in Russell. But it's just the kind of exploration the unemployed former NFL top draft pick was hoping to receive when he put the word out of his comeback attempt during the Senior Bowl in his hometown of Mobile Alabama.

Russell is said to be at 308 pounds currently and looking to slim down to around 265 pounds in an attempt to return to a the NFL. Outside of his weight issues, his physical abilities were never in question. It was his desire and mental capacity that were lacking.

He has essentially said he would play for any team in the NFL except the Raiders (undoubtedly prompting a hearty guffaw from many in the Raiders organization) which is to suggest he blames the Raiders for his negative NFL experience and hence his historically early exit. Will that grudge be enough to give him the drive necessary to set foot in the film room?

That question was probably among those the Jets are asking. Only one way to find out...