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Which Raider performed against all odds?

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There were not a lot of top players on the Raiders this season. But which one rose above a difficult situation to defy the odds?

Ezra Shaw

One could argue that defying the odds is what every player on the Raiders offense had to do with Greg Knapp calling the plays. That is a valid argument. But there were a few who had their own odds to overcome. These are the top players.

Michael Huff

It is someone common to see a player switch from the cornerback position to safety and have success. But is very rare to see a safety move to corner and have success. That is what Michael Huff did this season. He had a rough beginning at the position which was to be expected. But by midseason, he was the best corner on this team. He played well enough to be considered for a return to corner next season as well. And if he were to move back to safety, his experience at corner will help him as well as make him a great asset as a corner in nickel packages.

Rod Streater

The odds are never in the favor of undrafted free agents. Typically if they go onto success, it isn't immediate. They are considered projects which is why they went undrafted. Streater came on like gangbusters the moment he stepped into rookie minicamp and kept it going. He wasn't given a real shot until midseason and ended up as the Raiders best receiver this season. That beats out three drafted receivers, including number seven overall pick Darrius Heyward-Bey, and veteran pass catcher, Derek Hagan.

Miles Burris

A rookie fourth round pick should not be thrown into the fire from word go. But that's exactly what happened to Miles Burris. Former starting weakside linebacker, Aaron Curry, went out with injuries to both his knees in the offseason and Burris was asked to step up and start. Start he did and thrive he did as well. So much so that he was took nearly every snap this season. After week four, the Raiders began taking former number eight overall pick, Rolando McClain, out for more than half the snaps. But Burris remained in the game. He had his issues on which he needs to improve and as would be expected, he hit the rookie wall late in the season. But it was still pretty impressive to take the reins the way he did as a rookie.