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Upon further review: Desmond Bryant becomes Raiders sack leader

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When the season ended, the sack numbers had Desmond Bryant third on the team in sacks. But a few days later, he now is tied for Raiders sack leader. How did this happen?

Jason O. Watson

There were two changes made in the last few days the sack totals. Initially in the Raiders week 16 game in Carolina, the sack on Cam Newton which caused him to kick Tommy Kelly in the face was credited 0.5 sack for Bryant and 0.5 sack for Kelly. Elias reviewed the sack and determined Kelly came in late to the sack and the full credit should be given to Bryant.

That change moved Bryant's season total from 3.0 sacks to 3.5 which tied him with Matt Shaughnessy for second on the team. At that time, Lamarr Houston had the team lead with 4.5.

Today the word came down that another sack was all Bryant. Initially Bryant and Houston shared a sack in the season finale versus the Chargers. Elias reviewed that shared sack and determined it belonged solely to Bryant. This added 0.5 to Bryant's sack total and took 0.5 away from Houston's sack total.

The result was Bryant finishes the season with 4.0 sacks as does Lamarr Houston.

The amazing thing about Desmond Bryant's 4.0 sacks is they all occurred in the final four games of the season. He took over as the starter for Richard Seymour for the final eight games of the season and had zero sacks through week 13. It is determined now that he had a full sack in each of the Raiders final four contests.