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Marcel Reece named 2nd team All-Pro by Pro Football Focus

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Marcel Reece had a nice year and it's not just Raiders fans that noticed. Reece has been picked by Pro Football Focus as their 2nd Team All Pro Fullback for 2012.

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Jeff Gross

There haven't been many accolades rolling in for the Raiders players so it is nice to see someone get some recognition. Marcel Reece also was named as the alternative to the Pro Bowl for the AFC earlier in the season.

The Pro Football Focus All-Pro Team is a little different than the Pro Bowl because its filled with players from either conference. It's a list voted on by their Analysis Team and is comparing players from all 32 teams. Vontae Leach got the First Team nod from PFF, and Leach also got the Pro Bowl nod over Reece as well.

The excerpt for their reasoning on Reece getting onto the list showed a true appreciation for his talents:

"Second Team: Marcel Reece (OAK) – There may have been better blockers, although Reece is good in that regard, but he was our choice primarily because of how much a weapon he is in all facets of play."

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