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Ron Jaworski says Super Bowl XV loss to Raiders hurts even more now

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The Super Bowl is in the Super Dome in New Orleans this year which was the site of the Raiders beat the Eagles 27-10 to win their second Super Bowl. The memory of that game haunts former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski to this day.

Win McNamee

As the week leads up to the Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, the walks down memory lane are abound. The Super Dome has stood since 1975 so there are a great many Super Bowls that have been played in the iconic structure.

The second of those Super Bowls came in 1981 pitting the Raiders and the Eagles. In that game, Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski was intercepted three times by Raiders linebacker Rod Martin en route to a decisive 27-10 Raiders victory. That game still pains Jaworski to think about.

"The farther I get removed from that game, the more pain I feel," said Jaworski on ESPN's NFL Live broadcast. "We only had one opportunity to win a World Championship and we didn't get it done. You think we're all going to win three or four [Super Bowls] but it doesn't happen that way so it still pains me."

He's right for the most part, but sometimes it does happen that way. On the other side of the field that day was Jim Plunkett who was named that game's MVP that day. He and the Raiders would go on to win another Super Bowl two seasons later.

Jaworski was coming off the best season of his career and earned his only trip to the Pro Bowl. After that loss, his numbers got subsequently worse each season. He played a total of 15 seasons in the NFL.

Nicknamed "Jaws", this is his first trip back to New Orleans for Super Bowl week since he was hired as an ESPN analyst in 2006.