Why is every body Hating on Terrelle Pryor ?

I am confused as a raiders fan, I have been reading posts on this site that are constantly throwing Terrelle Pryor under the bus. Most comments are that he cannot pick up the position fast enough, or all he can do is run. The man only got to play major minutes in 1 game last season and hasn't practiced with the 1's very much so how do you expect him to do? In my opinion which nobody wants to hear is give this guy a shot the only way he is going to be able to show what he can do is to be on the field. I can't understand why everyone thinks CP is the right guy to lead the team because he is terrible and a sack and interception machine. The only thing CP has over Terrelle is NFL game experience that's it. All Terrelle has done is be a professional through out the past two seasons and learned under a not so good system. When he was given his shot he excelled in my opinion. Terrelle is a winner and is what this team needs to move forward.