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NFL needs to fix how they broadcast press conferences

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With all the technology there is out there in today's world and all the money that the NFL makes there is no excuse to continue to not be able to hear the questions being asked at press conferences.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

While watching the NFL Super Bowl coverage throughout the week my annoyance with the way press conferences are televised reached an all time high. The NFL needs to fix the way they televise their press conferences because there is no way it should be acceptable to not be able to hear the questions being asked.

The problem with press conferences, specifically sports press conferences, is that the questions are rarely loud enough to be heard by the at home audience. There is no valid reason for the NFL not to have found a way to fix this problem.

Most NFL press conferences have this problem but it is brought to a whole new level during the Super Bowl week media sessions due to the abundance of reporters there. Today's Colin Kaepernick interview was the straw that broke the camels back. There wasn't even a chance that the questions being asked could be heard to the TV audience.

The answers to the questions are loud and clear from whoever the interviewee is but the questions from the crowds are just not able to be heard over the ruckus of everybody else. I do not understand for the life of me how they can not set it up better.

How much more expensive or time consuming could it possibly be for there to be a microhone to be passed around? This is a billion dollar industry, they can afford it.

If its too difficult to have somebody bring them a microphone then set up a bluetooth system where the people there have their own microphone with them that can be turned on from a sound system specialist. Or even more simply have a podium that questioners have to line up to, although then the picking of who is to ask their question couldn't be as random.

There must be others annoyed with not being able to hear the questions being asked while watching the press conferences on television. Hopefully the NFL decides to do something about this in the future so that it isn't so frustrating to watch. Atleast transcribe the question if it can't be loud enough to overcome the background noise.

It simply does not make logical sense to not care about the question being asked being able to be heard by the audience that they are broadcasting to. The answers are what is most important, but the question being heard by all should be a priority too.