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The Weekly Recap: Off-Season weeks 3 and 4

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I started this series to keep track of the offseason and to recap each week's articles on Silver and Black Pride but I had fallen behind on my plan. Due to my delay, which I apologise for, you readers get a double dose of weekly recap in this one article!

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Wow were the last couple of weeks busy for the Raiders or what! My goodness there is a lot to catch up on in this recap, lets get the party started and see where it goes!

The most important news that came out in the last two weeks was definitely the naming of the Raiders new Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson. The news wasn't exactly met with extreme joy across the fan base but at least he is saying the right things. The man wants to run a Raiders-esque offense of mixing in power running and deep ball passing so it will be interesting to see how the Raiders offense will look under his tutelege.

Here are the links to all of the articles of the last two weeks regarding the hiring of Greg Olson:

Raiders hire Greg Olson as Offensive Coordinator By Levi Damien

Jaguars, Buccaneers bloggers lend insight on Greg Olson By Levi Damien

Raider Nation Divided: Fans split over new offensive coordinator hire By Marcus Allen Krause

Dennis Allen explains choosing Greg Olson as offensive coordinator By Levi Damien

The Raiders also rounded out the rest of their coaching staff with the position fillings at OL coach (Tony Sparano), ST coach (Bobby April) and LB coach (Bob Sanders). If there is one clear connection between each of the coaching hires it would have to be the loads of experience that each coach brings with them. Here are all of the article links related to their hirings:

Raiders hire Bobby April as Special Teams Coordinator By Levi Damien

Report: Raiders hire Tony Sparano as Oline coach/asst head coach By Levi Damien

Raiders officially name Tony Sparano assistant head coach, offensive line coach By Marcus Allen Krause

Report: Bob Sanders is Raiders new linebackers coach By Levi Damien

Raiders coaching staff now complete By Levi Damien

Next in the recap list comes the articles related to the Raiders roster and what they will do with their players. That includes articles related to free agency, trade rumors, drafting, and possible competetions to watch for in training camp next year. Since this is the heart of our off-season discussions there certainly was plenty of bang for your buck in this department! Here are the article links:

Raiders Off-Season Requisites: How to handle the Raiders roster By James Arcellana

Oakland Raiders backup QB could be a target for Eagles new coach Chip Kelly By James Arcellana

What position should the Raiders target in the first round of 2013 draft? By Marcus Allen Krause

Senior Bowl 2013 roster North squad By Levi Damien

Raiders Off-Season Requisites: What should free agent prirorities be? By James Arcellana

Reggie McKenzie: Terrelle Pryor will compete for starting QB job in 2013 By James Arcellana

Senior Bowl Game Thread By Jack's Axe

Senior Bowl 2013: Quarterbacks struggle while defenders thrive By Peter Berkes

Possible Free Agent OT's for 2013 By Marcus Allen Krause

Now we truck onto the most interesting section for this particular recap that is unlikely to even exist on most of my future weekly recap articles, the BIZARRO SECTION! This was a very strange two weeks for Raiders news and most of it revolves around things long past.

Tim Brown created a media frenzy with his comments regarding the Raiders last Super Bowl appearance and then coach Bill Callahan. Brown originally claimed that Callahan had sabotaged the Super Bowl out of his hate for the Raiders, but then backtracked slightly by saying sabotage could never be proven because its relegated to perception.

The story hit another level when Tim Brown's former teammate Jerry Rice (You may have heard of him) backed up Brown's story of the week before that Super Bowl against the Buccaneers. Rice backing up Brown gave more credibility to the story and also helped bring some exposure to the effects that the week of preparation had on former Raiders Center Barret Robbins. Here are all the articles related to the Super Bowl Sabotage story:

Raider great Tim Brown hints Bill Callahan sabotaged Gruden Super Bowl By James Arcellana

Jerry Rice backs Tim Brown claim of Callahan Super Bowl sabotage By Levi Damien

Bill Callahan responds to Tim Brown, Jerry Rice sabotage accusations By Levi Damien

Tim Brown backs down from sabotage claims By Levi Damien

An apology to Barret Robbins By Marcus Allen Krause

For Tim Brown it's mission accomplished By Levi Damien

The Super Sabotage story was not the only bizarre story of the last two weeks though. Oh no, there was plenty more weirdness to go around and this story came from the college ranks. I could have included it in the previous category of roster related materials but it was so strange I felt it deserved the Bizarro category instead.

The story I am referring to is that of Manti T'eo and the girl that never was. As a first round prospect T'eo was at the top of the world when the story that his girlfriend that died earlier in the year was revealed as a hoax. Here is the link to the article:

Manti Te'o and the bizarre hoax: What now? By Marcus Allen Krause

Last and definitely least in the Bizarro section is the comeback talk from the Purple One. Jamarcus Russell is wanting to come back to the NFL and is more than happy to allow 31 teams the priveledge of talking to him about their position. You can guess the one team he wouldn't work out for and it shows his lack of accountability has not changed at all since his time draining copious amounts of money from the Raiders.

In reality there is only one team stupid enough to consider talking to Russell and that would be the world reknown circus of the New York Jets. The 2nd article is actually suppose to be part of next week's recap article but I don't want to have to bring him up again. Here are the links to those articles:

JaMarcus Russell attempting a comeback? By Levi Damien

A team considering JaMarcus? Surely you J-E-S-T Jest, Jest, Jest By Levi Damien

The last section of this article's recap is dedicated to Levi's end of year awards he handed and any articles related to the Pro Bowl which had Marcel Reece representing the Silver and Black in it. Also included is an article that has Pro Football Focus grading out free agents including many Raiders. Here are those articles:

Raiders 2012 Season Awards: Best Acquisition By Levi Damien

Raiders 2012 Season Awards: Best Departure By Levi Damien

Raiders 2012 Season Awards: Most Improved Player By Levi Damien

Marcel Reece heading to Pro Bowl after all By Marcus Allen Krause

Is this the end for the Pro Bowl? By Marcus Allen Krause

Pro Bowl 2013 rosters, info By Levi Damien

Pro Bowl 2013 game thread By Levi Damien

Three Raiders earn top marks in Pro Football Focus Free Agent grades By Levi Damien

WHEW! That was a whole lot of recap right there! Check out any or all of the articles and take a look to see if you may have missed anything for the last two weeks. I will try not to fall behind again, because as you see from the length of this article there is a whole lot that happens from week to week in the NFL!