Addressing the so called ''Terrelle Pryor hate'' and giving it a fair look.

The artcle you are about to read was supposed to be a comment in '' Why is everyone hating on Terrelle Pryor? '' but I figured it was too long to be a comment, but make no mistake, I will take advantage and direct this to everyone who shares the opinion in that article.

There are about 5 or 6 people on this site that really don't believe in TP as the future of this franchise, including myself, admittedly. I've made it clear my opinion about him. Now, believing in someone is different from hating someone. And I will add before really beginning, that was it Palmer, or ANY other QB who was starting for us last season (had he played decently) it will be the same argument. This won't be about defending Palmer, this would apply to whoever QB we had if he had been decent for us.

Here we go:

I made it clear during pre-season that I liked Pryor a lot, I wanted to see him have his plays and packages during games this past season, I saw him as a promising QB. And now, ONLY after the SD game, I stopped believing in him as the future of the franchise because of how much his overall play did NOT mature. That's hard to argue against, it's clear he is a run first QB. This is opinion, not a fact, this is my opinion. Here is the key: Just because I don't see him as the future of the franchise at QB it doesnt mean I hate him.

Run first QBs will get injured more often than not. McNabb, Vick, McNair, Cunningham, etc. They do get more injured than pocket passers. In fact, for QBs, it's better for the long term to get an ACL one year due to one bad hit than start getting those nagging knees, ankles, hands, shoulders, etc. I prefer pocket first (at least) QBs than 50/50 or running QBs, and that's simply my opinion, not a fact (that it's true, although it's almost a guarantee it's the truth). That is one of the reasons I don't think he is the future, it's not that I hate the guy. I too dont geti where does it come from that a 23 year old guy can improve his arm strength significantly (because it's not slightly, he would need a lot of more arm than he showed). This is not a HS QB who will naturally, with age, improve his arm strength, this is an adult who works out and lifts weights pretty much every day, and couldnt be in better physical shape. My concerns with it are tht wehen he for example, is forced into a 2 minute drill in the 4th quarter, in need for 7 and has to throw thos long sideline outs, corners, etc, he will struggle. Some significant quantity of INTs will come due to the sole fact he won't be able to fit the ball into some windows, this is the NFL.

Instead, some people are so in love (this is what it is ACTUALLY happening) with TP, that theya re actually hating on Palmer (OR any other QB we had, had he been decent) in order to get TP more love. they've been making hypocritical statements like this:

I can't understand why everyone thinks CP is the right guy to lead the team because he is terrible and a sack and interception machine.


The only thing CP has over TP is game exprerience, that's it.

The ones who are saying TP is getting hated on and not being given a fair chance by the fans are seriously using those phrases, and then glorifying TP, and THEN complain about him being hated? Give me a break guys, really. We all KNOW, we KNOW deep down, that the love TP gets by these people is mostly fueled by Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and RG3 and what they've done. To even compare him to them is disrespectful to those guys but anyway, with Kaepernick specifically, most Raider fans who have hate for the 49ers are feeling jealous about them using Kaepernick and having success by getting to the Big Game. They obviously look at the QB as the be all end all of a football team.

People associate TP with athleticism, Kaepernick/Wilson/RG3 too. They associate TP with Kaepernick as a potential guy to unseat the veteran QB and take the team to new heights. To be honest, TP is no where near the level of those QBs (again, this is opinion, although almost a fact), and that isnt ''hating'' TP. I would love nothing more than to be set at QB for the next 10+ years, and if I, as a Raider fan, have changed my opinion about TP so drastically over time, it's to be considered more than opinions that their base argument is actually hating on the starting QB to get their boy love. Not saying that my (literally) opinion counts more than any other, but that the argument (anoyone who had it) is more valid than to simply love a guy, and then try and get him love at the expense of a guy who they actually do hate.

At the end, I think it would be a good guess to say that around 85% of Raider fans still think he can be the future, and another good guess would be that around 70% of them have great expectations from him, so don't call out Raider Nation for hating on a guy who clearly isnt hated on. TP will very probably get his chance (barring any trade that will sell give us lextreme compensation) next year, and if he doesnt win it I can already see these TP lovers coming out and saying he got hosed again and that he didnt get a fair chance. That, because for some reason, fans appear to know so much more than a proffesional NFL GM and HC, that there is no chance TP isnt our starting QB next year unless the coach ''hosed'' him.

If TP wins the job next year, I will be behind him, he will have proven me wrong because anyone who wins a starting job due to competition in this league is deserving of it. Be it Palmer over Pryor, or Pryor over Palmer the more prepared and better QB will win the job just as it happened last year. Let's set it straight, it is BSing when you say he wasnt given a fair chance. The NFL has practices when they are not playing, and we don't see things happening in practice, evealuation isnt something you cna only do in a live game. If he wasn't ready he wasn't going to be thrown out to the dogs. DA is getting paid, he has a family that made a major change from Denver to Oakland (they've got kids). He's got a reputation, a job that he knows is precious as an NFL HC, so stop saying DA just doesn't want TP to succeed and that Reggie is forcing him to make decisions he doesn't want with DAs team. This is not the Al Davis regime in which coaches didn't have a say at all.

Terrelle Pryor is a gard working guy who will get a chance to play and start if he is good enough, and as of right now we all know Palmer is regarded by our real football people as the starting QB, and he will in fact enter training camp as the starter, we know that. Terrelle Pryor barely has ANY haters, and some are calling fans out for ''hating'' him, but they do it at the expense of actually really hating on our other QB??

I'll let you reason and think about this, but try to get bias and prejudices out of the way on this one. It's incredible how a real fan of any team will actually hate a player unless he is bottom 5 at his position or has a terrible attitude (or both in 1). We can discuss it, we can imagine and assume until there is a final decision on the matter, but when we get to the point of making up things it is when we have to make a stop.