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Is the glass half full or half empty for the Raiders?

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I want to know how you feel about the future of the Raiders. Optimism poll and a comment space sure to be full of venting included!

Stephen Dunn

Asking the community how they feel about the Raiders right now is dangerous but I'm asking you anyway. I think it could be neat to look back at this next year and see if our feelings on the team have changed.

I am curious about how our community here at Silver and Black Pride views where this Raiders team stands for the future. I know there are many people on both sides of this question so it could swing either way.

Considering the terrible season that the Raiders just had there will be a lack of faith in the direction of the team for many. Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie have plenty of critics and many of the points are certainly valid. Nobody will ever make it through a 4-12 season and not deserve criticism. There was a lot more bad than good play in 2012.

There are plenty of fans out there that believe this team will get better too though. It was the rookie year for all three McKenzie, Allen, and Jason Tarver and they gained much needed experience. In today's NFL teams can improve drastically from year to year and it could be the Raiders turn finally next season. Nobody knows the future and stranger things have happened.

There is a lot of time in the off-season and there's going to be a lot of roster change. There are coaches yet to be hired and there is plenty of film for the coaches that survived Black Monday to learn from. Will it be enough for the major improvements needed for a 2013 campaign? Let me know how you feel about the future of the Raiders.