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Rolando McClain arrested

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Raiders estranged middle linebacker, Rolando McClain is in trouble with the law again. He was arrested Tuesday afternoon in Decatur Alabama on charges of giving a false name.

It seems every time Rolando McClain is allowed to go back to his hometown of Decatur Alabama, he gets arrested. This time it was far less severe than it was last time but he was arrested just the same.

Police pulled McClain's vehicle over for a window tint violation and what began as a routine traffic stop turned into an arrest when McClain signed a citation for overly dark window tint as "Fuck y'all," Decatur police said.

When a patrol supervisor asked McClain to put his real name on the ticket, McClain told the sergeant, "That is my name," said police spokesman Lt. John Crouch.

That's too bad because I was really hoping it would have been one of these names:

McClain was booked and later released on $1000 bail.

"I'm falsely accused of everything," McClain said before climbing into a white Chevrolet Silverado and driving from the parking lot of City Hall. "It's corrupt. It's terrible."

Asked if he believes police are out to get him, McClain said, "Yes. You said it. I answered it."

Yes, it seems everyone is out to get McClain these days. Last season when he was in Decatur for his grandfather's funeral, he was arrested after an alleged altercation with a childhood friend. In that instance, he was charged with several counts including assault, discharging a firearm, and menacing. The alleged victim claimed McClain had put a gun to his head and then fired it off by his ear.

That time, a shot of him with a foolish grin on his face while getting arrested as well as his smirking mugshot took on lives of their own. This time, he was at least smart enough not to smile in his mugshot.

He was found guilty on all charges last year by a judge in Alabama and sentenced to six months in jail but requested a trial by jury and before it could go to trial, the case was dismissed after the victim, Richard Tapscott, dropped the charges.

Last season apparently Raiders head coach Dennis Allen was also out to get McClain when the two of them had a verbal disagreement in practice that had him kicked out of practice. He immediately took to facebook saying he was "officially no longer a Raider". Then it was GM Reggie McKenzie who was out to get him because he suspended McClain for two games. The former starting middle linebacker would not play in the final five games of the season for the Raiders.

The assumption was already that he had played his last game in a Raider uniform. This arrest only makes it less likely another team would take a chance on him in a trade.