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Raiders vs Chiefs week 6 open thread

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Chat with other Raiders fans during the team's week 6 game against the Chiefs.

Jamie Squire

The hated rivalry continues as the Raiders and Chiefs are about to take the field for their week six match-up.

Arrowhead has been the friendly confines for the Raiders over the past six seasons as they have not lost there since 2006. That may change today as the Chiefs are undefeated (5-0) and stronger than they have been at any point during these past seven seasons. Then again, with these two teams you can often forget about the records as they anything seems to be able to happen and usual does.

Both teams do their best work on defense with the Chiefs and their many Pro Bowl players looking to be the better of the two on that side of the ball. They also move the ball well on offense and are masters and controlling the clock.

The Raiders are very different on offense than the Chiefs. They have the exciting Terrelle Pryor who can make things happen with his legs and has shown some nice passing abilities as well of late. Alex Smith for the Chiefs churns out yards efficiently and will pick apart and wear down the Raiders defense if they don't force him out of his comfort zone.

If you need to reference all the game details and storylines, be sure and check out the game day guide.

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