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Raiders won't see road again for a month

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Oakland Raiders assemble midfield during pregame warmups
Oakland Raiders assemble midfield during pregame warmups
Levi Damien

It's only appropriate that the Raiders get some home cooking for a while immediately following some bad barbecue in Kansas City last Sunday. Now they get just what they need - to not travel again for a month.

They faced the tough Chiefs defense with a banged up offensive line in front of a roaring crowd and it was not pretty. Now some quiet time at home is just what the doctor ordered - quite literally in some cases.

The Raiders now embark on a their bye week and don't play again until two weeks from now when they host the Pittsburgh Steelers. The following week they play host to the other Pennsylvania team, the Eagles. That means the next time they hit the road - or the air as it were - will be November 10 when they travel to New York to face the currently winless Giants.

"It'll be huge," said Dennis Allen. "To get this bye, to get a chance to get healthy, and to come back after the bye and play the first two games at home will be critical for us. We've got to come out after the bye and we've got to play well. We've got to win some football games. Our guys are committed at that. They're working extremely hard. We're looking forward to getting back to work after the bye is over."

The Raiders need to get healthy over the bye week, especially along the offensive line. Those two home games against the Steelers and Eagles are both very winnable games if the Raiders are at close to full strength. And being in front of their home fans also helps matters. It give the 2-4 Raiders an opportunity to make up some ground through the middle part of the season.