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Week 7 NFL game picks

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The Silver & Black Pride staff picks the winners of all the week 7 NFL match-ups.

Alright, stop. That's Vanilla Ice.
Alright, stop. That's Vanilla Ice.
Scott Halleran

The Raiders have the week off but we don't. Picks must be made just the same. This week will simply be free of the usual "You didn't pick the Raiders to win? What kind of crap is that? I thought this was supposed to be Silver & Black Pride. You should never pick the Raiders to lose." Comments. Then again, we still have to pick the winners of the games involving division rivals so...

Anywho, on to the rankings. We have a logjam at the top this week. A three-way tie for the best record among the S&BP staff between myself, Marcus, and SOB. Last week SOB and I were tied for the best record but Marcus jumped up the rankings with an 11-4 record last week. He did it by being the only one to know the Saints would choke away a sure win and let Tom Brady come back to win it in the waning seconds. He was also the only one to correctly pick the Steelers would beat the Jets.

Last week we all correctly picked seven games and missed on two others. We all thought the Colts would beat the Chargers like the Raiders did last week but somehow did not. We also didn't predict Matt Schaub would go down to cheers of horrible, classless Texans fans. But two missed consensus picks out of nine is not bad.

There were four prognosticators tied with a 9-6 total for the week. SOB and Asher among them who were the only ones to pick the Raiders would give the Chiefs their first loss of the season. Asher made up for it by being the only one to correctly pick the Panthers would beat the Vikings.

This week there is not near the same respect for the Vikings. A rather shocking situation has developed in which each and every one of us picked the Giants to get their first win of the season over the visiting Vikings. Is it because Josh Freeman is starting for the Vikings? Is it because we all think the Giants are due? Is it we think Eli Manning has to shake out of his turnover funk and this is the perfect time to do it? Who knows but there it is.

The other consensus picks are the Seahawks, Falcons, Dolphins, Patriots, Bears, Chargers, 49ers, Packers, Chiefs, and Ravens. That's a season high 11 consensus picks which means we differ on just four games. That's consistency.

Week 7 Marcus SOB Levi Jeff RDreamer Asher
Week 6 total 11-4 9-6 9-6 10-5 9-6 9-6
Overal record 59-33 59-33 59-33 55-37 55-37 53-39
Seattle at Arizona SEA SEA SEA SEA SEA SEA
Tampa Bay at Atlanta ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL
Cincinnati at Detroit CIN DET DET DET DET DET
Buffalo at Miami MIA MIA MIA MIA MIA MIA
New England at NY Jets NE NE NE NE NE NE
Dallas at Philadelphia PHI PHI DAL PHI PHI DAL
Chicago at Washington CHI CHI CHI CHI CHI CHI
St. Louis at Carolina STL CAR CAR STL STL CAR
San Diego at Jacksonville SD SD SD SD SD SD
San Francisco at Tennessee SF SF SF SF SF SF
Cleveland at Green Bay GB GB GB GB GB GB
Houston at Kansas City KC KC KC KC KC KC
Baltimore at Pittsburgh BAL BAL BAL BAL BAL BAL
Denver at Indianapolis IND DEN DEN DEN DEN DEN
Minnesota at NY Giants NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG