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Matt Flynn demoted, Matt McGloin promoted

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If there was any doubt just how disastrous the start by Matt Flynn was on Sunday, there should be no more doubt left in your mind. As of Wednesday, the first practice since the game, Flynn has been demoted to third string behind undrafted rookie Matt McGloin.

It's quite a fall from grace for Flynn who just over a year ago was a hot commodity as a free agent after two great starts for the Packers in two seasons. The Seahawks signed him to a big money contract only to watch him get beaten out by Russell Wilson. Then the Raiders trade for him with the hopes that if anyone knows the talent in him, it's Reggie McKenzie who was in the Packers' front office for all four years Flynn was with the team.

Flynn proceeded to lose his starting job to Terrelle Pryor and after Flynn's one start in relief of Pryor, he looked so bad, he is now buried on the depth chart. Dennis Allen made the move official Wednesday. The move is also on the team's official depth chart. This means, at $6.25 million, the Raiders have the most expensive third string quarterback in the NFL.

Not to be lost in all of this is a the rise of Matt McGloin. He beat out Raiders fourth round pick, Tyler Wilson for a roster spot and now just four games into the season, he is the primary backup to Terrelle Pryor. He's a scrappy kid who has been steadily gone about his business in training camp and practice to earn the trust of the coaching staff.