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NFL Week 7 late games open thread

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Chat with Raiders fans during the afternoon slate of NFL games.

Scott Cunningham

The early games are coming to a close and they are making way for the late games. Much like the early game lineup, the late game slate features an AFC West rival to keep tabs on.

The Houston Texans visit the old Dallas Texans now in Kansas City. Since the name Kansas City Missourians sounded pretty stupid, they traded in the five gallon hat for a head dress. The Chiefs are 6-0 on the season, hosting the now hapless 2-4 Texans starting former practice squad player, Case Keenam at quarterback.

Sometimes that can work in a team's favor much like it did the Browns when they started Brian Hoyer for a couple games. The opposing team has trouble creating a game plan against a QB with no NFL games under his belt. I suspect the Chiefs defense is strong enough, they can still get it done.

There are three other games this afternoon. The Browns at Packers, 49ers at Titans, and Ravens at Steelers.

Much fun will be had by all.