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Broncos vs Colts Sunday night open thread

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Chat here with Raiders fans as the rival Broncos face the Colts on Sunday Night Football.

Dilip Vishwanat

Well, Raiders fans, if you watched the early and late games today, you saw the first two of three AFC West teams win their match-ups. The Chargers beat the Jaguars in the early going and the Chiefs escaped the Texans in the afternoon game. Now begins the third game which features the Broncos against the Colts in prime time.

The hype all week has been Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis where he played the first 14 years of his career. He had a lot of success in Indy, including finally breaking through for a Super Bowl in his tenth season there. For that reason he is expected to get a lot of love in Indianapolis. They even have a big ceremony planned for him. Now THAT oughta make Andrew Luck feel just FAN-tastic.

Last week when the Colts visited the Chargers, all the hype was on Luck who was making his Monday Night debut. Now he gets drowned out in his home stadium by the endless SNF promos as well as the fan welcome home of their folk hero.

The Colts would lose to the Chargers and afterward Philip Rivers snarked that based on the promos, he couldn't even tell who Andrew Luck was playing against. He felt slighted by the media campaign and let it fuel him. We'll see if the cool and collected Andrew Luck can get a little hot and light a fire under him.

The Broncos are, of course, 6-0 and the Colts are 4-2.