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State of the AFC West: Chiefs last unbeaten, Raiders only losing record

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Peter Aiken

The Raiders didn't play this week but while they were away, there were a few changes that took place to shake things up in the division.

The sports world has been watching the AFC West as before today, they had the only two unbeaten teams left in the league. That all changed Sunday night when Peyton Manning was finally not good enough to make up for the Broncos league worst pass defense and Andrew Luck and the Colts shredded them.

The Broncos had nearly lost earlier in the season when they gave up over 500 yards passing and 48 points to Tony Romo and the Cowboys. The Broncos scored 51 and won a shootout.

The Chiefs nearly didn't come out with the win today either. Texans new starter, Case Keenum, made things interesting and the Chiefs pulled out a 17-16 win over the visiting Texans. They are the polar opposite of the Broncos. Stellar defense with a lackluster offense that does just enough to not lose the game.

Before the Chiefs and Broncos had their nail biters, the Chargers cruised through the winless Jaguars. This gave them a 4-3 record on the season leaving the Raiders at 2-4 as the only AFC West team with a losing record on the season.

Last season when the Raiders had their bye, they actually gained ground as every other team in the division lost that week. This week the Chiefs and Chargers pulled away while the Broncos are far enough ahead, it doesn't really matter.

Here is how the division looks currently:

Chiefs (7-0)
Broncos (6-1)
Chargers (4-3)
Raiders (2-4)

An interesting observation is while the Raiders have played every other team in the AFC West, none of them have yet to play each other. So while the Raiders have gotten beaten up by the Broncos offense and Chiefs defense, none of them have had to face the same. It comes as less of a surprise then that the Raiders have the only losing record even though one of their wins came against the Chargers.

The first time any of them face each other is November 10 when the Broncos head to San Diego. Things will get really interesting after that.