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Miami Dolphins to be Raiders 2014 London opponent

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Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Last week the NFL announced which teams would host home games in London in 2014 and the Raiders were among them. For the first time ever, the league was to schedule three games at Wembley stadium in London. The other two ‘home' teams were the Jaguars, and Falcons. Today the visiting opponents were announced.

Here are those match-ups:

Oakland Raiders vs Miami Dolphins

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Dallas Cowboys

Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions

As soon as it was announced the Raiders would play a home game in London, the speculation as to who they would play began immediately. The prevailing theory was the league would pit the Raiders against their cross bay rival, San Francisco 49ers in the hopes of avoiding the two teams playing each other in the Bay Area for security reasons. I laid out the reason why that was extremely unlikely to happen. The Dolphins were one of three teams most likely to be the Raiders opponent.

The unfortunate thing here is the Raiders essentially lose an actual home game in the deal. But with the Raiders uncertain stadium situation next season, it makes some sense. Some team had to play a home game in London and the Raiders are due.