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Raiders vs Steelers sold out, will be televised locally

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Levi Damien

The Raiders will once again appear on local television. This time the game has been sold out. The game will air on the local CBS affiliate at 1:05pm Pacific Time. Spero Dedes and Rich Gannon will call the game.

The Raiders have now been televised locally for every game this season (4) as they were all last season.

This game is against the team's old rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers which is always a popular one. The Steelers are usually a very tough team and this match-up should be a good one.

Last season the Raiders used a 2 for 1 promotion to get the games televised. The new 85% rule helped as well. This one didn't need the 85% rule as it has completely sold out.

This season they have tarped over Mt Davis and portions of the upper deck to bring the capacity down from over 63,000 to around 54,000 seats. The season ticket prices for the upper deck are also $25 per game.