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NFL week 8 early games open thread

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Chat here with other Raiders fans during the week 8 slate of NFL games.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

While all of you are passing the time, watching games that mean far less to you than the Raiders game this afternoon, why not chat it up with other Raiders fans? You know you want to. Besides, there are a few good games with teams Raiders fans love to hate that will be playing in the early games.

First and foremost, the Chiefs will be facing the Browns with our old pal Jason Campbell starting at quarterback. Good old JC's pants will be an official member of the Browns as he is running for his life all day. It should be a blood bath but worth a watch none the less.

The cross-bay rival 49ers are in their bye week. Well, not technically. They are in Jacksonville so, yeah, another blood bath.

Other match-ups include the Cowboys at the Lions, Dolphins at Patriots, Bills at Saints, and Giants at Eagles. I'm sure most of you at least have fantasy players on some of these teams.

So, watch, chat, eat, drink, be merry, and prepare for the Raiders in the afternoon.