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Terrelle Pryor, teammates react to his 93-yard touchdown run

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Ezra Shaw

The big subject of the Raiders big win over the Steelers today is Terrelle Pryor's electric, record-setting 93-yard run on the first play from scrimmage. You can read all about the play and see the GIF by going here.

Plays don't get much bigger than that and athletes don't come much better than Pryor. Many of his teammates as well as him were talking asked about the play after the game. Here are some of their responses.

First off, Pryor himself

"I saw 56 [Lamarr Woodley] biting, and I was like, 'jeeze.' There's a lot of looks, coach Olson, him and coach Sparano are very good at designing new, different formations and different plays that are scripted for me and Darren in the backfield. The guy bit down that I was reading. I came out, Rod [Streater] made a phenomenal block, and it was off to the races."

"I was very surprised [it was so open], because it's never open like that. Very surprised. But with the game plan, the way they put things together, it doesn't surprise me that sometimes it may happen like that."

"When I branched out I was like all  right he has to block [Troy] Polamalu. I was saying in my head Polamalu needs to be blocked when he was coming around the corner. If he blocks him I saw Ryan Clark flying over with Darren [McFadden] on the fake. I was like, if we get this block on Polamalu I'm going straight up and this  is going to go to the house. Rod did a great job without holding or anything, a penalty.  A great play."

"I think that was the longest run I've ever had in my life. I believe so."

Running back Darren McFadden:

"I didn't know if he was going to keep it or not. It was a read play. He just so happened to pull it and he smoked around the end for 93 yards, one of the longest runs in Raiders history. It's something you're proud of any time."

"Once I went there and guys kind of grabbed me. I heard the crowd roar and I looked up. He was just gone."

Center Stefen Wisniewski:

"I'm just thinking about who I'm blocking."

"You never know how they're going to play it. His read guy bit hard, playing the running back, so it opens up something on the backside. The one guy that could have made the play was kind of in the wrong position to. They commit to D-Mac, the one guy that's free to make the play doesn't make it and it's see you later."

"56 or 95 [Jarvis Jones] the read guy, from left side to his right."

"He plays D-mac, so Pryor's read is keep it. The safety, someone was out there that was kind of the only free guy. He was in the wrong spot, so he's gone."

"I smashed my face into the nose guard. I heard the crowed cheering and I kind of looked at D-Mac and he looked like he was 5 of 6 yards downfield and I was like, ‘Are we that excited about a 5- or 6-yard gain?' Sure enough, I look up and Pryor's at the 50 with no one around him and I'm like, ‘Oh, that's why they're cheering. Sweet.' "

"They're not catching him. He's got that track stride running like that. He gets that kind of space, he's gone."

Wide receiver Rod Streater

"It was one of those read plays, I just knew I had to get outside leverage on Polamalu and seal him off. He just made my block right, cut up and made a great play."

"Man, anytime he gets around the edge, it can be a House Call because he's so fast. It was just a great call, a great play and a great read by him."

Right tackle Matt McCants

"We're always taught to block the give. We saw him running around, the next thing we knew, he was in the end zone. Everybody signed up for that. It caught everybody by surprise. When you have an explosive weapon like that, it creates so many mismatches. When you can jump out to an early lead like that, it kind of does something to the other team. We just wanted to capitalize on that and finish strong."

"As soon as I saw him 20 yards in front of everybody, I knew nobody was going to catch him. He's a great athlete. I knew he was gone."

Left tackle Khalif Barnes

"We've been practicing that play for a while. It's in our arsenal."

"It was great. Terrelle's good at that kind of stuff. We have some good misdirection stuff. I thought it was going to be a good play for us."

"It's awesome because you have no idea. I'm blocking [Brett] Keisel and taking Keisel down and doing whatever to him and I see D-Mac come out the hole next to me and we're going to have at least 4 or 5 yards. Then I hear the crowd erupt. It's always a good feeling when you hear the crowd erupt because you know something big is happening."

"I'm listening to the crowd, I look over and my man is trucking. Pretty fast, too. I wasn't laughing, I was just ecstatic, like a little kid that's got that Christmas present. Happy. Just happy. One play, and I didn't have to do anymore work."

Dennis Allen

"I thought the big run for Terrelle was a huge play in the game to start off and get that kind of play and the momentum in the game against the defense that you know they haven't given up a lot of explosive plays. And for us to start the game that way was huge."

To read about how the play developed and see the GIF, click here.