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Raiders to face Vick-less Eagles

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The Philadelphia Eagles will be without quarterback Mike Vick when they travel to Oakland to play the Raiders Sunday.

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The Eagles were supposed to have Michael Vick back by the time they faced the Raiders in week 9. He returned against the Giants Sunday but shortly didn't last very long before  he went out with injury again. Vick was reported as saying he heard his hamstring pop which is very bad news kennels for Vick and the Eagles.

Replacing Vick was rookie Matt Barkley because backup Nick Foles was out with a concussion. The result was a disastrous showing and the Eagles could only muster up 6 points in a loss to a weak Giants team.

Today Eagles head coach Chip Kelly let it be known Vick will not play when the Eagles make the trip to Oakland next week. The question then becomes which quarterback the Raiders will be facing between Barkley and Foles.

"Matt [Barkley] is healthy, so that's a positive," Kelly said in a report by the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I would think Mike would not be ready to go, and it depends on where Nick [Foles] is. So we'll know early in the week which two guys we got to prepare for, one and two. Our first day of practice is [Tuesday]. We'll have a good understanding today. I know Nick will come in today and meet with [trainer] Chris Peduzzi and our doctors, and we'll have a good understanding of where Nick is this week and what's his availability."

At this juncture there is a considerable difference between Barkley and Foles.

Barkley is a rookie and his QB rating this season is 42.6. He replaced Foles last week and threw for three interceptions. He threw another interception on Sunday and has yet to throw a single touchdown pass.

Foles is in his second year with the Eagles and his QB rating over two starts this season is 101.3. He has thrown six touchdown passes with zero interceptions. So, pretty much the opposite of what Barkley has done.

Vick remains the best option for the Eagles and Chip Kelly's fast paced offense. Foles is not a bad option though so it is worth watching to see how he progresses in the concussion protocol this week.