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Baltimore Ravens release former Raider's Safety Michael Huff

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Huff has been released from the Baltimore Ravens in a surprise move after having signed a 3 year/$6M contract in the off-season to play for them. It is a fall from grace unlike many we have seen for the Safety that was once the 7th Overall pick for the Raiders.

It is clear that the relationship between Michael Huff and the Ravens had deteriorated to unfixable status very quickly. Huff had already been benched in favor of impressive rookie Matt Elam as the starter so the writing was on the wall. As long as Michael was willing to play special teams at a high level he could have remained with the ballclub, but that inlies the problem.

The Baltimore Raven's last game was against their divisional rival Pittsburgh Steelers in week 7 and they lost the game on a game winning field goal. What helped make that field goal a possibility was a 44 yard kickoff return and that play would not have happened if Huff had played his assignment properly. Ravens coach called the mistake "unforgivable" on the team's official website and also promised to "...find some guys that want to play special teams.".

Well, now he has made good on that promise with the release of Huff who clearly was deemed to not want to play special teams. He is a veteran that is not required to go through the waivers process so he immediately is availble to sign with any team that will have him. Will that team be the Raiders? Not accoriding to our own Levi Damien.

"No (the Raiders are not interested). They're happy with Woodson and Usama Young. Kind of shows you what kind of liability he [Huff] was as a safety on this team."

The Raiders defense has been playing stellar even without Tyvon Branch who is still out with an injury. The safeties have been a big part of that impressive play and there is no reason to rock the boat, especially not for a player that was known for his lack of accountability in the tackling department.

Good luck to Michael Huff in his future, but in all likelihood that future will not be a part of the Oakland Raiders again. From the way his time in Baltimore ended it is safe to say his future will not have the Ravens as a part of it again either. Somebody is likely to give him another chance, but it is unclear at this time who that team will be.