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NFL week 9 game picks: Many lopsided games expected

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It is the midpoint of season of the NFL season. Some teams saw their midpoint happen last week and others have had their bye week already and are looking at theirs this weekend. By this point we have gotten a pretty clear picture of which teams are contenders and which teams are not. And it's making for a great many consensus picks each week.

Last week was one such week. The staff killed it in their predictions with everyone totaling double digit correct predictions and just a game separating the top totals for the week and the bottom totals.

After sharing the top spot the past couple weeks, I am now once again in sole possession of the top spot among our staff prognosticators. Last week it was Marcus who shared the top spot with me but his prediction of Dallas beating Detroit fell short by one point. That gave me and SOB the top two records of the week at 11-2 with all others coming in at 10-3.

There were ten consensus picks last week and we nailed nine of them. The only one we all were wrong about was that the Eagles would beat the Giants. That plan was done in when Mike Vick's return was short lived and with Nick Foles out with a concussion, rookie Matt Barkley came in and stunk it up.

We all picked the Raiders to beat the Steelers and therefore we all were correct. RDreamer was the only one to correctly pick the Cardinals over the Falcons but unfortunately for him, he also picked the Cowboys over the Lions and the Jets over the Bengals so he was unable to escape the three-way tie for the final spot with Asher and Jeff.

This week is the most consistency I think I have ever seen in the past season and a half of picks. I am not even exaggerating. Barring RDreamer dropping a bomb in his Raiders prediction, out of 78 game picks, there are just TWO picks which are not the same as the rest. Marcus is the only one to pick the Dolphins over the Bengals and Jeff goes out on a limb picking the Falcons over the Panthers. And that's it.

If there was one game I would not have thought would have been such an easy decision, it would be the Chargers, Redskins game. That is a good match-up that is in no way a lock. Yet we still all think the Redskins will take it. We'll see.

That makes for 11 consensus picks including four of us all having the exact same picks across the board. Parity will have to wait until next week.

Week 9 Levi SOB Marcus Asher Jeff RDreamer
Week 8 total 11-2 11-2 10-3 10-3 10-3 10-3
Overal record 79-41 78-42 78-42 72-48 72-48 72-48
Cincinnati at Miami CIN CIN MIA CIN CIN CIN
Philadelphia at Oakland OAK OAK OAK OAK OAK *??
Kansas City at Buffalo KC KC KC KC KC KC
Minnesota at Dallas DAL DAL DAL DAL DAL DAL
Tennessee at St. Louis TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN STL
New Orleans at NY Jets NO NO NO NO NO NO
San Diego at Washington WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS
Atlanta at Carolina CAR CAR CAR CAR ATL CAR
Tampa Bay at Seattle SEA SEA SEA SEA SEA SEA
Baltimore at Cleveland BAL BAL BAL BAL BAL BAL
Pittsburgh at New England NE NE NE NE NE NE
Indianapolis at Houston IND IND IND IND IND IND
Chicago at Green Bay GB GB GB GB GB GB

*RDreamer will reveal is pick for the Raiders vs Eagles in his Friday Foretelling article.