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Raiders vs Eagles sold out, will be televised locally

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Another home game and another sell out for the Oakland Raiders. Every game this season has avoided the dreaded local blackout and the area fans will be happy to hear this game against the Philadelphia Eagles will be no different. The game will be aired at 1:05 Pacific time on FOX and it will be announced by Chris Myers and Tim Ryan.

The days of the Raiders being blacked out from being aired on local television have been completely gone the last couple of seasons. Part of the help has been the NFL relaxing their capacity regulations down to only needing 85% of the stadium to be sold out to avoid the blackout, though this game and last week's wouldn't have need the new rule to be aired. Another part of the help has been the Raiders decision to tarp off Mount Davis to lower their capacity from 63,000 seats down to 54,000.

The biggest help of all though has been the Raiders exciting play this season. They have kept every game competitive and outplayed expectations up to this point for the year. Terrelle Pryor's exciting play has also likely been a nice draw to getting the fans to attend games.

Whether you are there or watching at home in the Bay Area hopefully the Raiders will give you plenty to cheer about. The Raiders vs Eagles rivalry isn't as big as some other rivalries but it is a rematch of Super Bowl XV back in 1981. Hopefully it has the same result since Oakland won that game 27-10!