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NFL week 5 early games open thread

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Chat here with Raiders fans during the early week 5 games.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the games this week will be played in the early going Sunday. There are only two afternoon games and just two games played in the Pacific time zone.

Of the early games, there is just one AFC West team playing. The Chiefs head to Tennessee to take on the Titans who will be without starting quarterback Jake Locker, giving the Chiefs a nice gift as if they need any favors. They are already 4-0 on the season.

There are quite a few good games on the slate even if they aren't ones in which Raiders fans can root against a division rival. The Saints head to Chicago in a battle of two very good all around teams. The Patriots head to Cincinnati, the Lions play the Packers in Green Bay, the Seahawks face the Colts in Indianapolis, and the Ravens head to Miami to face the 3-1 Dolphins.

The less interesting match-ups feature two winless teams -- the Jaguars against the Rams and the Giants against the Eagles.

Whichever game you are focused on, or if you are watching NFL Redzone just to catch the scoring, there are some great games going on.