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Darren McFadden inactive, Rashad Jennings ready to go

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Rashad Jennings talks about his extra reps this week and being ready to start in place of Darren McFadden against the San Diego Chargers.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

It's official, Darren McFadden is not playing tonight versus the Chargers. He was doubtful coming in after not practicing all week with a hamstring injury. He will be replaced by Rashad Jennings who took over for McFadden last week after he was lost in the second quarter.

I asked Jennings if he feels like he has earned the starting job and he said he is ready to go and has been working as if he was the starter all along.

"It's a privilege," said Jennings. "Playing football is a privilege to me. I don't look at it any different. I keep my humility with my relationship with God. What I Earned? I've absolutely earned nothing. I'm playing a child's game. But I do my part to work hard to make sure I'm ready when I get the call so I'm just doing everything I can to make sure I get the W."

He has gotten more reps this week than he had all season as well as training camp being that the team will be relying on him tonight.

"Repetitions help anybody and that's why being a pro you get the reps on film, you get the reps standing behind the guys watching. It's not one play that you're not in mentally and so that's what really makes the difference."

Last week, Jennings was the team's leading rusher and leading receiver. With the Chargers 30th ranked defense, he could be in for a pretty big game.

"When the game starts, you can throw out everything," said Jennings. "What somebody used to do, did before, game before, maybe a certain tendencies but we're coming out trying to improve, they're coming out trying to improve, and it's gonna be a physical game just like we expect. We just gotta execute our gameplan. We focus on that, everything else will take care of itself."

With the Raiders shoddy offensive line, the team will need to utilize Jennings run after contact abilities. Only 12 of his 45 yards last week came before contact. He knows what he's in for today.