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Raiders get first interception of season, TD pass on first play vs Chargers

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Mark the date. On October 6 - the fifth game of the season - the Raider get their first interception of 2013. It came on the third play of the game with the Chargers in 3rd and 10 on their first drive. After the turnover, the Raiders got the ball in Chargers' territory and on one play, they had a touchdown.

The interception came from Usama Young who looked as if he was the intended receiver on the play. It appeared Phillip Rivers' intended receiver ran the wrong route because Rivers put the ball up for a long pass and the only person home was Young. He tracked the ball in the air and was the only player for either team in the area to easily haul in the interception. He then return the ball 23 yards to the Chargers' 44-yard line.

The Raiders offense came out with Terrelle Pryor back at the helm and the Raiders sent a message right away. He dropped back and aired it out to Rod Streater on the right side for a touchdown. It was the best looking pass from Pryor I'd seen since his strike to Rod Streater along the sideline against the Chargers in the 2012 season finale.

So, in four plays, the Raiders were up 7-0. Great start.