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Raiders vs Chargers Sunday night 2nd Half thread

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
There is no denying the spark that Terrelle Pryor brings to the Raiders. The defense played well even without Pryor but the offense was terrible under Matt Flynn last week. This week on the other hand the Raiders offense was firing on all cylinders throughout the first half of football.

Pryor completed his first 10 passes of the day, including two of them being touchdowns. One of those touchdowns was a picture perfect 44 yard bomb to Rod Streater which came on the very first play from scrimmage for the Raiders, and the other was a 4 yard TD pass to Denarius Moore. It was 14-0 at the end of the first quarter just like last week against Washington, but this time the Raiders didn't lose their momentum. Instead of falling apart this week the defense continued shutting out the opposition and the offense added a field goal as the proverbial cherry on top making the half time score 17-0.

The story of the first half is split between the Terrelle Pryor and the Raiders defense. Pryor has been great with his arm and his legs, and as a bonus he has avoided the big hits during his runs very well. He has bought time with his legs to make plays with his arm very well as well. His halftime stats are him being 13 of 18 passing for 141 yards with 2 touchdowns and he has added30 yards rushing on just 4 attempts.

The defense's performance though should not be overlooked either. They got an interception on the Chargers opening drive and a turnover on downs at the goalline to keep the Chargers scoreless. Besides those big turnover plays they also had a timely 3rd down sack by Lamarr Houston to force a punt on the last full drive of the half for the Chargers.

The special teams also got in on the action by recoveing a muffed punt. That makes 2 official turnovers that led to 10 points, and another that I consider a turnover when the Raiders had their goalline stand. Hopefully the Raiders continue dominating in the 2nd half, which they will start off with the ball since they kicked off to open the game.