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Charles Woodson on his tying NFL record: "I'm one of the greatest to ever play this game"

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It was a milestone game for the Raiders in many ways. After going the firsts four games without an interception, they got three of them tonight. One of those interceptions belonged to Charles Woodson.

But as great as the interception was, it was the other turnover that made history for Woodson. He recovered a forced fumble in the third quarter and returned it for a touchdown. That touchdown gave him 13 defensive touchdowns in his career which ties the all-time record.

Only two other players in NFL history have had 13 defensive touchdowns - Darren Sharper and former Raiders safety, Rod Woodson. Woodson was already in elite company. This just adds to his legacy. And to surpass Rod Woodson, who he played with in Oakland, and who is now in the Hall of Fame, makes it that much sweeter.

"Old cousin Rod, I'm coming for him," Woodson quipped. "Naw, you know what, it just means I've been around the game a long time, I've made a bunch of plays, and that I'm one of the greatest to ever play this game. It feels good to first and foremost get the win and to be able to do things like that that are in the history books throughout the history of this game. It's really big time."

The turnovers Woodson was involved in were two of five total turnovers the Raiders forced in this game - three interceptions, one fumble, one muffed punt. Those turnovers led to 17 of the Raiders 27 points including the outright touchdown by Woodson. The Raiders used those turnovers to win the game. If they hadn't won, tying the record wouldn't have been much more than window dressing. So, it was overall a successful night for this future Hall of Famer.