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Report: Matt Flynn Released from the Oakland Raiders

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

The Raiders have reportedly done what large contingents of fans all across the Raider Nation have been screaming for. They have released the under whelming QB Matt Flynn, this according to Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated.

It is an unceremonious end to a lackluster time here in Oakland for Matt Flynn. He came, we saw, he's gone.

Flynn was brought in to be the starter this off-season after the team traded away Carson Palmer but he lost his job to Terrelle Pryor. Then Pryor missed a game with a concussion and Matt came in for relief and performed terribly. His release after that performance is not a surprise as he had become the most expensive 3rd string QB in the league after being demoted behind UDFA QB Matt McGloin.

His most likely destination now is that of his true calling, as the back up to Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. There are some other teams like the Buffalo Bills or the Cleveland Browns that might be interested in giving him one last chance but the odds are not in his favor.

Though his time here was not pleasant, I do wish the man good luck in his future. He put his blood, sweat and tears into this team even if he did not perform well enough to remain with the club. I don't feel too badly for him since he made a whole lot of money doing it, but money doesn't always keep the pains of life away.