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WR Andre Holmes activated by Raiders, takes spot of released Matt Flynn

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Holmes has officially been reinstated onto the Oakland Raiders roster. Andre was suspended the first four games of the season for performance enhancing drugs but was reinstated by the NFL last week. The Raiders have now activated Andre to the active roster after confirming the release of QB Matt Flynn, both moves were confirmed by Dennis Allen at his Monday press conference.

Holmes was one of the most consistent targets for the Raiders in the preseason and is an interesting prospect. He is tall at 6'4, though not very heavy at 210lbs, so his ability to use his height advantage to make plays could prove to be a valuable asset. Its never a bad thing to add a 6'4 receiver into the mix, especially when you could use the size advantage in the endzone.

Andre had spent the previous two years on the Dallas Cowboys, mostly on the practice squad but he did play in 7 games in 2012. In those 7 games he had a total of 2 catches for 11 yards so he is a blank slate as far as production goes. It is expecting much of an unknown quantity to think he will be a key factor for the Raiders but he did show glimpses of potential this preseason.