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Raiders week 5 Ballers & Busters: Part two

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Moving to the second part where we dole out the bad news.

Brian Bahr

Even with Phillip Rivers throwing for 411 yards and 2 touchdowns, there isn't a lot of blame to go around for the Raiders. They played a really good game with the exception of a few mistakes here and there, none of which were detrimental to their chances. That's something worth keeping in mind when going over the Busters for this game.


Mike Jenkins

Midway through the fourth quarter, the Chargers came back closer than they had been since very early on. The score that brought them there was through Jenkins. He looked to have given up the touchdown already as he was completely burnt by Vincent Brown. As a response, he shoved Brown out the back of the endzone after the catch. The TD was no good because there was a San Diego illegal formation. But Jenkins was also called for unnecessary roughness which gave the Chargers a first down and set them up at the 15-yard line. Two plays later Keenan Allen caught the pass on Jenkins who then missed the tackle and Allen took it into the endzone and the Chargers were down just 24-17. He also gave up a 13-yard catch on the Chargers' first scoring drive of the day.

Andre Gurode

Stepping on your quarterback's foot even once is not good. Gurode stepped on Terrelle Pryor's foot twice in this game and both of them were drive killers. The first one came in the second quarter. The Chargers muffed the punt and the Raiders were in scoring position. Then on third and one, Gurode stepped on Pryor's foot, causing him to stumble. He would eventually throw it incomplete after the busted play and the Raider would settle for a field goal. The next toe-stepping occurred early in the fourth quarter. This time Pryor tried to get up and run it after stumbling and was tackled for a loss to help force a three-and-out.  We should have known this was gonna be a long day when he false started on the second play from scrimmage.

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