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Terrelle Pryor says he has not lost any confidence over rough 4-game stretch

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a rough last four games for Terrelle Pryor as the starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders. Over those four weeks he has thrown 8 interceptions and just one touchdown. He has seen his completion percentage dropped 17% over these last four games compared to the first four weeks. He has also been sacked 18 times.

His passer rating of 42 was so low that it got me curious how it stacked up against Raiders quarterbacks over their history of which I found only colossal bust JaMarcus Russell ever had a four-game stretch that rivaled it in the past 50 years of Raiders football.

This whole thing started with the epic collapse in Kansas City that saw Pryor terrorized by the Chiefs' pass rushers to the tune of 9 sacks. As that game wore on, Pryor's confidence was clearly shaken and he ended up adding three interceptions as the Chiefs ran away with a once close game.

By all indications, Pryor has yet to recover from that game. He hasn't shown the same pocket presence he had begun to exhibit in the previous games. But according to him, he is still the same confident quarterback he always was.

"Oh, absolutely," said Pryor of his confidence. "Still think I bring excitement, still make people get their eyes wide with plays. Just some of the stuff that happens, you know? I mean, when you watch a lot of young guys they tend to make some mistakes, you tend to give away something to the defense because you're watching film and maybe it's a constant thing, they realize what it is. I don't know. I'm not really too worried about lost confidence at all. It's just learning the lesson and try to put your head down and keep digging because it's gonna be brighter as it goes on."

The losses can take their toll on a team and its players. Now, the Raiders, who were looking at the possibility of being at .500 at midseason, are sitting at 3-6 and grasping for answers.

"I just think you gotta go back to the basics," said Pryor. "You gotta fight. We got a good team, I believe, and I just think at the end of the day you gotta go back to the basics. You gotta not lose focus on the team, not focus on the individual things and stuff like that. Just because we have some losses, there's a lot of teams that go on a run. That's all you're looking for is a win to get the feel and go onto the next one. The main thing right now is to find a way to beat the Texans and then carry it forward."

Adding to the bad news for Pryor is he missed practice Wednesday as he rests his sprained knee which he aggravated in last week's loss to the Giants. His status for Sunday's game versus the Texans is uncertain. In his place in practice was rookie Matt McGloin. He will start if Pryor is unable to go.