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Dennis Allen not naming starter yet, say Matt McGloin "earned the right to be in the discussion"

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Levi Damien

The Raiders could be ready to give Matt McGloin the ball for a second game, but Raiders head coach Dennis Allen is not tipping his hand on if that will be the case just yet.

"I'm going to wait and have an opportunity to visit with Terrelle [Pryor]," Allen said Monday. "I haven't talked to him yet, so I'm not exactly sure where he is physically. I will say this. I will say that obviously with Matt's performance, he's certainly earned the right to be in the discussion. That's for sure."

This sounds as if a healthy Terrelle Pryor would be the starter when the Raiders face the Tennessee Titans this Sunday. But when asked directly if Terrelle Pryor would be the starter if healthy, Allen wouldn't commit to that decision either.

"Well I'm not going to get into hypotheticals yet because I don't know that," said Allen. "When I figure out and get an opportunity to sit down and talk to Terrelle and find out where he is physically, then I'll have all the information I need to make the decision on who will start this Sunday."

"Listen, we're going to look at all the factors involved, measure out what those factors are and then I'll make a decision."

It sounds very much like Dennis Allen is leaning toward starting Matt McGloin. He simply doesn't need to make a decision or announce that decision at this time and it is in his best interest to wait until at least Wednesday to do so.

In the meantime, Allen continues to speak glowingly of McGloin and his words sound very much like how he and GM Reggie McKenzie have spoken of the kinds of players they have coveted both in the draft and in free agency since they took over the team.

"I don't want to go through the long list of guys that have been low draft choices or relatively obscure guys. Kurt Warner and Tom Brady come to mind as guys who maybe weren't really sought after coming out of college and ended up doing pretty well themselves. I think some guys just, maybe they weren't born with or blessed with the great athleticism, size, speed, strength, all those things that you can definitely measure, but you can't measure what's in somebody's head or in somebody's heart. This guy's overcome a lot of challenges. A lot of people said he couldn't do something, and he did it anyway. It's more about what's in a guy's mind and in a guy's heart as to whether they can do that or not."

Then Allen went on to detail some things he liked about Matt McGloin's play Sunday in the win over the Texans. Many of these qualities are things with which Terrelle Pryor has struggled this season including being settled in the passing game, calm in the pocket, going through progressions, and timing routes.

In the end, there's one thing that really matters.

"I've got to make a decision on what I think is best for this football team and gives us the best opportunity to win," said Allen. That's what we look at."

Pryor has helped the Raiders to three wins this season, but has lost three of the last four games. McGloin helped the team win in part by throwing three touchdown passes on Sunday. Who would you pick if you were him?