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Matt McGloin taking first team reps at Raiders practice

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Another step toward the likelihood that Matt McGloin will be named the starter for the Raiders week 12 match-up with the Tennessee Titans came Wednesday when McGloin was the first quarterback behind center taking first team snaps according to media present.

Terrelle Pryor was taking second team snaps which means he is at least more healthy than he was last week when on Friday he was working at half speed behind McGloin and Tyler Wilson.

Dennis Allen said on Monday that he was not naming a starter until he spoke to Pryor and the status of his injury but also said he would be taking all things into consideration. Among those things to take into consideration was how well McGloin played in the team's win over the Texans last Sunday in which he threw for three touchdown passes with no interceptions.

Pryor injured his knee three weeks ago in a blowout loss to the Eagles that had him hobbled in the team's loss to the Giants two weeks ago in New York. Following that game, it was deemed Pryor was not healthy enough to start and McGloin was given the start.

Since his performance in the game, all signs have pointed toward Dennis Allen opting for the hot hand and sticking with McGloin. That appears to to be the case.