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Matt McGloin officially named starter Sunday vs Titans

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dennis Allen announced in his Wednesday press conference that the Raiders will be going with Matt McGloin as the starter when the team faces the Titans Sunday in Oakland. McGloin received first team reps in practice and the decision to start him was somewhat anticipated.

"This is a production business," said Dennis Allen. "One of the things that we've tried to create here is an atmosphere of competition where if you go out and you perform and you make plays, you get opportunities to continue to go out and make plays. And he did that last week, he's gonna get another opportunity this week, and we'll see how it goes."

Terrelle Pryor took second team reps and appears somewhat healthy although Allen said Pryor is not 100% just yet. He added that Pryor could see some reps in packages which could be very much like they had originally planned and practiced in training camp when Matt Flynn was still the presumed starter.

"I wanna monitor how Terrelle does in practice this week to see where his health is." said Allen. "If he's healthy then he'll be up and be the back up quarterback in this game and we could potentially use him in this football game. If he's not then he'll be down."