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Raiders week 11: Teammates of the Week

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Thomas B. Shea

In week 11 the Raiders went into Houston and came away with a win. There were a lot of fine performances in the game but with football being the ultimate team sport, no one can do it alone. With that in mind, I name my Raiders teammates of the week.

Nick Roach, Kevin Burnett

These two make of 2/3 of the Raiders linebacking corps and they were working together like a machine on Sunday. When one wasn't making the tackle, it was the other, and often times it was both of them lending the assist.

The Texans' second drive ended with Roach making a run stop followed by Burnett making a run stuff at the line for no gain. It was the beginning of a symbiotic relationship that day. The next drive ended with Roach making the interception that gave the Raiders the ball at the Texans' 16-yard line.

The rest of the first half belonged to Kevin Burnett. He had another run stuff in the second quarter. Then he ended another Texans' drive when he pressured the quarterback into an incompletion on third and two.

In the third quarter, Burnett ended the first series by pressuring the quarterback into an incompletion, then the next drive it was Roach's turn to do the same. That drive ended when both Roach and Burnett got into the Texans' backfield to sack the quarterback, though Burnett would be given credit for the sack.

They were both in the backfield again early in the fourth quarter to pressure the quarterback into throwing the ball away. Then two plays later, Roach had a tackle for loss followed by Burnett had a tackle on a short catch.

Then just to drive the point home, the two of them teamed up to make one of the most important tackles in this game. With the Texans in third and one at the Raiders 2-yard line, they ran to the left where Burnett and Roach were there to meet the running back head on and knock him back for a tackle for loss.

The Texans needed the touchdown to win the game. The efforts of Burnett and Roach helped to ensure they didn't get that touchdown and preserved the Raiders' victory. And for that reason as well as all the other key stops they made in this game, they are the Raiders teammates of the week.