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Denarius Moore misses another practice, is "day to day" with shoulder soreness

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It was another missed practice for Raiders top receiver, Denarius Moore on Thursday. He injured his shoulder in Sunday's win over the Texans and received an MRI on Monday which came back negative. Dennis Allen spoke of Moore's status following Wednesday's practice.

"He's really sore," said Allen. "He'll be one of those guys that's gonna be day to day and this will be something that he's gonna have to deal with as we finish out the season. But whenever he can tolerate the pain and be able to push through it, he'll be back. It's nothing... it's not a surgery thing or anything like that."

This sounds a lot like a challenge from Dennis Allen to Denarius Moore to play through the pain. Denarius has shoulder soreness and DA is saying  essentially ‘that's the NFL. Sometimes you have to buck up and deal with a little soreness.

Missing a couple practices is no big deal. It is expected even to allow the shoulder to rehab. But if he misses Friday's practice and/or the game, that's a different story.