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Raiders ask for extension to avoid local blackout

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday at noon before a home game we find out whether the Raiders home game will be televised. Every game this season has aired on local television which means they either sold out or met the minimum 85% capacity rule.

For the first time this season, the Raiders have asked for an extension to meet the minimum requirements. That almost always means the team will sell the necessary tickets to be televised. If they weren't close to reaching the number and really thought they would sell the tickets, they would simply announce at the deadline that the game will be blacked out locally and be done with it.

In the final day, fans purchase additional tickets before the weekend and often times the remaining tickets are purchased by local businesses or the station televising the game because not having the game on television costs them a lot of money in the local market from lost advertising dollars.

The primary reasons for the team not selling out in time is they have a losing record and are facing a non-divisional opponent who also has a losing record. Not a lot of draw for a game like this.