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Andre Holmes to start in place of injured Denarius Moore

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Thomas B. Shea

Raiders number one receiver, Denarius Moore has missed practice all week and has officially been ruled out for Sunday's game. Andre Holmes will start in his place across from Rod Streater.

Holmes and Streater have been lining up as the first team receivers in practice this week in Moore's absence. This will make Holmes' first NFL start since he suited up for his first game with the Cowboys two seasons ago.

"It always hurts whenever you lose a starter at any position, but we're fortunate that we got Andre Holmes back here a couple weeks back and he's been getting better every day," Greg Olson said Thursday. "So we're fortunate in that regard, but it always hurts losing a starter."

Holmes has one catch this season and it came last week against the Texans. It was a leaping 33-yard grab over the middle. It's the kind of catch for which the big receiver has become known. he nearly had another such catch in the gaame along the right sideline but was ruled out of bounds.

It was a rocky off-season for this 6-5, 210 pound receiver. He was looking very good in training camp before the news came out that he was to be suspended the first four games of the NFL season for violating the league's policy on performance enhancing drugs.

In some ways, that suspension was a good thing because it allowed the team to keep him around without counting against the 53-man roster until they could get a better handle on their receiver situation as well as who would be expendable if they wanted to make room for him.

Once his suspension was up, the team activated him and it just so happened, they had a moping quarterback in the building who had just come off an terrible showing in a loss to the Redskins in week four. So as it so happened it was the once pegged starter, Matt Flynn, who was expendable.