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Raiders Vs Titans game is officially Sold Out

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Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports
The Oakland Raiders are still alive for this year's playoff race and the team has been competitive in almost every game this season. The team has been exciting to watch and has excelled past many expectations for the team so far. All of that has kept the fans happy and buying tickets.

For every game of the 2013 season the Raiders have met the minimum requirement of ticket sales to allow the game to be broadcast on television in the local market. The minimum requirement be damned, this game has passed that now with an all out sell out for Sunday's match-up against the Tennessee Titans.

As always it should be pointed out that the O.Co Coliseum made the decision to tarp off roughly 11,000 seats known as Mount Davis this year making if far easier to sell enough tickets to insure that the game is able to avoid the dreaded blackouts. The new capacity of 53,250 seats is far easier to attain than the previous capacity of 64,200.

Chances are the Raiders fans would still be buying tickets anyway but the fact that they are not eliminated from the playoff race definitely makes this game a bigger draw. The fans are excited to watch a game that is still meaningful in late November and winning this game would be a huge step in the right direction.

It also doesn't hurt that Matt McGloin is a very intriguing player that brings excitement to the game along with the possibility of still getting to see the extreme athleticism of Terrelle Pryor if he is healthy enough to play. Oh and the defense is playing very well this season and has been very fun to watch as well. Did I mention Rashad Jennings has been tearing it up too?

There are definitely plenty of reasons to go see the Raiders play, as proven by them selling out of tickets for this one. It is good to see the city of Oakland fighting to keep the team at home, sell outs like this go a long way in helping them in that battle. Have fun at the game if your going, it promises to be loud and proud in the O.Co this Sunday!