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Bo Jackson to light Al Davis torch and a few kids' lives

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Jamie Squire

Before Sunday's game, Raiders legendary running back, Bo Jackson, will be lighting ‘the fire that burns brightest' torch in honor of Raiders' late owner, Al Davis. But before that, he's got another engagement. A speaking engagement with 800 kids from Oakland Unified School District.

The Raiders in partnership with Sponsors Cytosport, Bibby's Chocolates, New Era and THE GLAD Products Company have developed the First & Goal Kids program which provided 800 Oakland s students game tickets, transportation and meals for Sunday's game vs the Titans at Coliseum.

"The Oakland Raiders have established themselves as one of our most devoted partners and it's tremendously exciting for our students to see an iconic franchise invest in their future and in Oakland schools," said Troy Flint of the Oakland USD. "Receiving free tickets, getting behind-the-scenes, game day access, and meeting Raider Legends, helps reaffirm the worth of the students, their connection to one of the community's most visible organizations and the potential they have to obtain prominent roles in adulthood like those occupied not only by the players on the field, but also the people in the front office who made this celebration possible."

Previous Raider Legends who have addressed groups during the chalk talks have been the likes of Willie Brown, Sam Williams, Jerry Robinson, Vance Mueller and Lincoln Kennedy.

To find out more about the Raiders involvement in the First & Goal Kids program, visit